Our Blue Bottles serve to enhance and heal the consciousness of water. 

By carrying your water in a blue glass water bottle, you are honouring your water with the highest vibration frequency for water. But how exactly does that work?

When humans are surrounded by beauty or bathed in the deep blue color of cobalt blue glass we experience more restful sleep, greater states of peace, relaxation, rejuvenation and more articulate communication. The same is true for the consciousness and structure of water. When one considers that we are 99% water by molecular count, and 75% by mass, then it makes sense to treat our drinking water as the sacred life giving, mind expanding substance it is. The bottle is a constant reminder to be conscientious of our own sacred vessel of water…our bodies!

Water was here long before we were…it’s frequency is BLUE. Water wants to be Blue, and the deeper the Blue, the more profound it becomes. Think of the ocean…the deepest ocean is Cobalt Blue….gorgeous blue…this is water’s happy place. When held in blue glass, water is reminded of its pure essence, and returns to its original innocence.


Blue Water, kissed by the sun:

The deep blue color brings water back to Zero Point, where it is healed of any and all discordant frequencies it may have accumulated on its way into your bottle. By clearing the energy, you are providing the opportunity for your water to then truly hold the frequency and blueprint of your chosen intentions. Placing your water filled blue bottle in sunlight for 30-60 minutes helps to amplify and accelerate this cleansing, rejuvenating process.

We love to leave it out in sunlight for 1-12 hours and absorb huge amounts of solar information and then leave the bottle out overnight to take in the moonlight and the cool night air. This is actually a  Ho`oponopono cleansing tool known as Blue Solar Water.

Sunlight is our ultimate nutrient. It is essential for all living beings - light is the essential element from which all life originates and is energised.

This deep Blue Cobalt color has also been described as the Womb of Divine Consciousness. It is deeply healing for us to look at this cobalt blue color. From the perspective of color therapy on humans, Blue decreases blood pressure and heart rate, dissolves nervousness and stress, and has a very calming effect on the entire organism. Blue color therapy has also been shown to aid in meditation, communication, spiritual growth and to promote a higher awareness and mental clarity.

As blue is also the color of the throat or vishuddha chakra, it can help bring about the expression of one’s creative power while bringing you to a state of peace and holistic balance.

Another amazing thing about the blue glass…it increases the oxygen frequency of the water, allowing the water to stay fresher and cleaner longer in the bottle.




Why glass?

When it comes to the best in quality, purity, and performance, glass is the only material that stands the test of time.
Glass does not need extra layers or additives to protect the quality or taste of what’s inside, with glass, what you see is what you get.
Glass is 100% inert and 100% recyclable.
Unlike other packaging that leaches chemicals hazardous to your health and changes the way your water or food tastes, glass preserves and protects your water and food without adding anything.

Our thick true cobalt blue water bottles have been made in beautiful Italy! When you touch this glass you can immediately feel the high quality, and the weight of the bottle tells you that the glass is quite thick, making them extra durable.