There is a legendary story of a man knowns as Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, who cured every patient in the criminally insane ward of a Hawaii`i State Hospital - without ever seeing a single patient. Now this may seem a little “insane”, but upon having a closer look, the story speaks for itself: 


Dr. Len set up an office within the hospital to review his patients' files. Dr. Len repeated the words “I love you” and “I am sorry” over and over again while reviewing each file individually. After a few months, the patients who were shackled were allowed to walk freely, patients were taken off medications, and even the hopeless cases were eventually released back into society.

He used the legendary Hawaiian healing and cleansing method Ho’oponopono - it is based on healing through reconciliation and forgiveness.


A man named Dr. Joe Vitale, best-selling author and personal development guru, caught wind of Dr. Len’s story and decided he had to learn from him first hand. He learned that by using this potent forgiveness and releasing process, one is able to “clear your mind of subconscious blocks so that destiny and desire can take over and help you get what you truly want from life. It clears out unconsciously accepted beliefs, thoughts, and memories that you don’t even know are holding you back.” Their collaboration eventually led to the co-authored book Zero Limits, which chronicles this journey.


One very valuable cleansing tool Dr. Len suggests is Blue Solar Water. To make Blue Solar Water one should fill a blue glass water bottle with the purest water one has access to and set in outdoor sunlight for 10 minutes to an hour (up to 12 hours for a more potent effect) to charge the water with the healing blue light.

If it is NOT sunny for a long period of time where you are, then you can use incandescent light. Len says that it will remove recurring “memories” or programs that run in your subconscious, freeing you from their effects. In other words, it will allow you to “let go and let God.”


“The only purpose in your life and mine is the restoration of our Identity— our Mind—back to its original state of void or zero (Buddha), of purity of heart (Jesus) and of blank (Shakespeare) through nonstop cleaning.”