Blue Solar Water is a Hawaiian water cleansing technique deeply rooted in the ancient teachings of Ho'oponopono which is a powerful reconciliation method.

BLUE BOTTLE LOVE is the perfect vessel to experience high-vibrational blue solar water.

Fill your Blue Bottle with fresh water

To produce blue solar water one fills water into a true cobalt blue glass bottle and puts it into direct sunlight for at least 30-60 min. 

Why Blue?

By carrying your water in a blue glass water bottle, you are honouring your water with the highest vibrational frequency - as water's frequency is blue (just think of the oceans). Bathed in this deep blue we experience more restful sleep, greater states of peace, relaxation, rejuvenation and more articulate communication.

Put your Blue Bottle in the sunlight

Sunlight is our ultimate nutrient. It is essential for all living beings - light is the essential element from which all life originates. Allowing sunlight to pass through the blue glass clears the water off prior frequencies and returns it to "zero point" which is a point empty of information ready to take on new intentions.

The sunlight also charges the water with blue vibrations - actually increasing the oxygen frequency of the water.

Let your water be charged with high vibrational intentions

Cleansed by the energy of the sun and the color of blue, the water is now able to fully receive intentions directed towards it.

We worked with conscious artists from all over the world to create the most vibrant intentional designs.

Symbols, words and intentions have an amazing effect on water as discovered by the groundbraking work of Dr. Masaru Emoto.