The Water Code

Water is intelligent.

Water is  living, conscious, and intelligent. Water is both highly advanced and quite ancient. It holds the key to our physical and non-physical origins, and also to our future. Now that the great shift has happened, our ability to communicate with water has increased. As our vibratory frequency continues to rise, we will find that communication with water will become easier. Learning to communicate with water is an act of true wisdom that could quickly propel humanity into a much more harmonious and peaceful existence.

Water speaks the language of reflection.

Anyone familiar with Dr. Emoto’s water crystal photos knows that water exposed to beautiful words, images, or music creates beautiful crystalline patterns. Water exposed to ugly or negative words forms unattractive shapes or no crystalline pattern at all. Water echoes the energy and vibration of the thing it is reflecting. Water is the law of attraction in action. It communicates in truth, revealing the frequency inside anything it encounters. Given that our bodies are made up primarily of water, one may wonder if it is the water in our bodies communicating with us when we get a strange “vibe” from someone. The water inside of us is our own personal truth meter. It pays to understand the language of water.

Water is the great record keeper. 

In an infinite and orderly universe, where everything is structured and interconnected from spiraling galaxies to the intricacies of our human bodies to the complexities of our DNA, does it seem logical that our planetary records would be kept on stone tablets, paper scrolls, or even computer chips? Of course not! Our entire planetary history has been preserved inside the one thing on Earth that can never be destroyed…water. Our written records date back only a few thousand years but water has observed everything on this planet since its inception. Water is the ultimate storehouse of information on this planet and beyond. Thus, it is an act of great significance to better understand this highly advanced life form known as water.

Water is a bridge between dimensions.

When we see Dr. Emoto’s water crystal photos, we are seeing a reflection of the energy of a word, image, sound, or thing. However, we are also seeing something deeper. We are seeing inside the quantum realms. Water is acting as a lens into these inner realms, bridging these dimensions to our conscious perception and collective reality. Water has the unique ability to build new pathways between multiple realities. Acting as a universal translator, water leads us down these pathways, offering us insights into other dimensions and other worlds.

Water is the key to ascension.

As you know, water is the only natural substance on Earth able to transform from a solid to a liquid to a gas within the normal range of planetary temperatures. No other substance on the planet is able to move between forms so effortlessly. Consider the term, “ascension.” What does it mean to ascend? We know it means “raising our vibration” and the subsequent evolutionary advancement that accompanies such a shift. However, consider that ascension means transforming. Like water, humans are capable of moving into another physical form. If we are made up mostly of water, and water is able to transform from a solid to a liquid to a gas, would it not seem logical that the human body is also capable of such transformation?

Water is the true teacher, the master, the guide, and the sage. Water is both singular and plural. It is creation and destruction. Water is the life force of consciousness, comprising the very substance of life itself. As we awaken to the true nature of water, we also remember more about the true nature of ourselves.


Dr. Masaru Emoto

Using high-speed photography, Dr. Emoto discovered that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when exposed to human thoughts and emotions.
As a powerful voice for water, he has show us that water is a conscious being, reflecting all that we are and ever will be.
His work powerfully and eloquently shows us how our thoughts, words and intentions have a literal and direct effect on our physical world and our overall state of health and wellbeing.


In his work, Dr. Emoto and his team taped typed words to different glasses of water from the same source of pure distilled water. Samples of each were then flash frozen, and the crystals were then photographed with a dark-field microscope.
Consistently, the water exposed to positive, loving words or images of beauty produced brilliant, complex and colorful snowflake crystals with hexagonal sixfold symmetry like those produced by water from healthy, clean, flowing rivers and springs. Conversely, the water exposed to negative, disempowering words or sad, ugly images consistently produced fractured crystals or distorted, discolored blobs with no crystalline structure at all, much like water from stagnate or polluted sources of water.
Some of Emoto’s most fascinating studies have demonstrated the amazing power of loving words and intentions such as prayer and meditation to transform and restore “sad” or polluted water back into clear, radiant, symmetrical crystals.
These images also help us to understand that we are not helplessly exposed to these negative influences.  Through love and gratitude, we have the ability to improve our world.

We were lucky enough to get the crystals of the water of our bottles straight photographed as well!!! This is the pure evidence, that our Blue Bottles return the water it carries to Zero Point and charges it with the purest intentions of the chosen symbol sandblasted onto the bottle. 

Here is an example of the crystalline structure of our "The Water Code" Bottle:

And another one of our beautiful "LGCF Ho'oponopono" Bottle: 

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len and Ho’oponopono

One very valuable cleansing tool Dr. Len suggests is Blue Solar Water
fill the bottle with the purest water you have access to, and set in outdoor sunlight for 10 minutes to an hour, and up to 12 hours for a more potent effect.
If it is NOT sunny for a long period of time where you are, then you can use incandescent light, but not LED or fluorescent light
Solarizing your water through these blue glass water bottles will make your water sweeter and smoother. The blue glass helps the water remember its primordial color frequency, and so water’s memory of itself is taken back to zero point frequency…when it was first born.
From there with the frequency of the sandblasted design plus the power of your intention, you can 100% charge up your water with super high vibrations.