Water has so much to share with us as it is a highly evolved species holding billions of years of planetary history within its molecular structure. 

Blue Bottle Love is a true blue ally in helping to raise the collective consciousness towards water and all of life.

Water thanks you for your conscientious attention, and will reflect back and remember all that you are.


The synergy of blue glass and sunlight clears the undesirable frequencies created by the unconscientious actions of humans that water has been forced to reflect and remember.

Our vision is for humans to stop using plastic to imprison water and remember the intelligent consciousness that water is. Once awakened to this truth humans won't ever look at water the same way again. We strive to be this advocate and give water a "voice" with our blue bottles honouring its truth.


Water is Everywhere! Water is in the air we breath. It is in every cell of your body, even our DNA is held together by water. Every drop, every particle of water is quantumly entangled, connected — ONE — with every other molecule of water, including the water inside you and me proven by the science of quantum physics.

Each bottle at Blue Bottle Love is intentionally designed to return the water you drink to Zero Point, clearing the water of all discordant energies, then reprogramming it with positive healing and soul expanding frequencies.

Every time you fill your Blue Bottle with water you are adding another drop of healing love and compassion into the infinite ocean of life, spreading waves of healing and transformation through the emotional body and collective consciousness of the planet and all life everywhere.


Blue Bottle Love believes in the fact that everything is frequency and vibration. In the words of Nikola Tesla, “If you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.”

With the power to effect change with our thoughts and intentions, we can affect our own vibration, as well as our water’s vibration - as water is receptive and receives the imprint of our thoughts and intentions

Our gratitude for water should be our number one concern for without it, we are nothing.