Using high-speed photography, Dr. Emoto discovered that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when exposed to human thoughts and emotions.

As a powerful voice for water, he has shown us that water is a conscious being, reflecting all that we are and ever will be.

His work powerfully and eloquently shows us how our thoughts, words and intentions have a literal and direct effect on our physical world and our overall state of health and wellbeing.

In his work, Dr. Emoto and his team taped typed words to different glasses of water from the same source of pure distilled water. Samples of each were then flash frozen, and the crystals were then photographed with a dark-field microscope.

Consistently, the water exposed to positive, loving words or images of beauty produced brilliant, complex and colorful snowflake crystals with hexagonal sixfold symmetry like those produced by water from healthy, clean, flowing rivers and springs. Conversely, the water exposed to negative, disempowering words or sad, ugly images consistently produced fractured crystals or distorted, discolored blobs with no crystalline structure at all, much like water from stagnate or polluted sources of water.

Some of Emoto’s most fascinating studies have demonstrated the amazing power of loving words and intentions such as prayer and meditation to transform and restore “sad” or polluted water back into clear, radiant, symmetrical crystals.

We were able capture the crystalline structure with our bottles!

This is the pure evidence, that our Blue Bottles return the water they carry to Zero Point and charge it with the purest intentions of the chosen symbol sandblasted onto the bottles. 

These images also help us to understand that we are not helplessly exposed to these negative influences. Through love and gratitude, we have the ability to improve our world.